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Chapter 2, Comodoro Argentina

It took a lot of time for me to find an updated map. I had to walk the streets of Comodoro to find one that wasn’t dated “2005”. I grew up without the use of smartphones or other modern-day technology on Aeonora and it is now definitely showing. I actually think that the people here are now more confused about my actions rather than scared at my appearance. Women whispered to each other while the drunken men snickered as I tried to read the map and find the location of the inn at the same time.

As I was walking, a young kid screamed out to me to ask if I needed help and if I was lost. I looked in the kid's direction and ignored the kid and kept walking. The kid, short hair with a red shirt and blue jeans ran up to me and warned me not to go the way I was headed,

“Sir! Please, you are new to Comodoro right? Don’t go down that way to the rough part of town.”

“I am expected at Hakkado Inn. Is this the right direction?”

“Well yes, it is but it is on the next block over.”

“Thanks, kid. Here’s a coin for your help.”

I flicked a silver coin at the kid to thank him. In today’s age, that coin is worth about $112. The kid at first was confused by this gesture but took it with him and walked away. I walked around the block and entered the inn. It was a nice change of pace than breathing the outside air. It allowed me to settle in despite all the hot garments on my body. I was halted by the man at the front desk who called me over to him.

“Hello sir, how can I help you?”

“The spirit that bestows the body”

“Shall the island separate the mind from its heart?”

“Only if the spirit is whole”

“Ok, sir. You may follow me.”

The man at the front desk left his post and I followed him to a door that said “Restroom Out of Order”. He opened the door and behind it was a vault. He entered a code to enter the door and then we both walked into the vault. This fragile old man then closed the door to the vault before telling me what was happening.

“Are you Sparrow’s grandson?”

“Yes, you know my baba?”

“That’s cute. Yes, we fought together many years ago. I told her I’d hold off retiring until her last descendant became an Aeos.”

“You’re an Aeos Spirit? Why are you here?”

“I am an old one. I stayed in South America because I love the booze and I didn’t want my family to have that life. After this, my family will keep this inn running while I return to Aeonora to spend the rest of my days. I have liver cancer.”

“I am sorry to hear that. So…how does all of this work? I see a lot of stuff here” I said as I walked around the vault analyzing all of the weapons surrounding me.

“There are 3 types of locations spread throughout our operating regions. The first is called an “Aeos Cache”, the second is called a “Hideout”, and the third is an “Ally Zone”. Aeos Caches are rooms like such where you can refill weapons and other necessary documents. Here is a key ring.”

“But there is no key on here…” I looked at it in confusion.

“It’s a magnetic key. You can use it to gain access to any hideout for Aeos Spirits in South America. Don’t lose that.”

“Do you have any mini trackers?”

“Yes. Over there.” I walked towards where the older Aeos pointed as he continued talking and placed the small tracker on the back of the magnetic key in case I forgot where it was. “Smart. You can find out how to track that using Helios Corporation’s website.”

“What’s an Ally Zone?”

“An Ally Zone is a place like Hakkodo Inn. All places in the area that are friendly to Aeos Spirits. Honestly, kid, we don’t have a lot of allies on this continent because of your sister.”

“I figured that. The people around town didn’t take too kindly to my appearance when I was walking through town”

“Yes, they think of you as a bringer of death. I’d advise maybe wearing a bigger cloak over your Aeos gear”

“In this heat??? Are you kidding me?”

“I hope they didn’t train you to be weak-spirited. You can handle it. Feel free to grab what you need and head out on your journey. You can use the phone to track the nearest safe house in the city and while you were in here, the room scanned your bio presence so now any Aeos cache will open to your warm-blooded bio scan.”

“Sounds good. Thanks for your help and tell my baba. I am doing well.” I said as I watched the older Aeos walk out of the room.

I spent the next 30 minutes finding the right tools to perform any type of job needed based on my current understanding of the land.I saw a bow and arrow but I didn’t touch it. I wanted to form my own name.

A half-hour passed by and I made it to the safe house in Comodoro. It was closer inland than by the area near the port. It was a large building. 5 stories high in size that did not look appealing from the outside. I walked in and walked to the desk with a steel briefcase full of weapons from the cache. I wanted to just rest at this point. I was told that we aren’t weak-spirited but even the temperatures of Africa had nothing on the humidity of commodore.

My alarm went off at 1an and I woke up refreshed to a nice cool breeze during the night. I got out of the bed and walked over to the fridge to see what was inside. I saw a bunch of water, pop, and cooled perishable foods. I grabbed a snack and left a gun inside of the fridge behind the water for safekeeping.

I then decided to map out this city to figure out what I’d do next. As I was mapping out the city, I turned on the television to watch the local news station to see what I could do to help the cities of Argentina while I was here.

“Thank you all for watching Channel 23 News Comodoro and please be aware to lock your doors at night.”

I stood up and walked over to my door to make sure it was locked and the security was tight on the premises. As I walked by, I heard footsteps outside the hall. The safehouse had an adjacent penthouse in the building where people lived too. I looked but strangely didn’t see anyone so I opened the door. As I’ve opened the door a small knife slipped right into my torso causing my eyes to bulge and me to gasp for air. It’s been a while since I’ve been stabbed and I’ve never been stabbed without being prepared for it. I’ve forgotten two of my core lessons: “Never let your guard down” and “Never put yourself in a compromising situation”. As I gasped for air, I looked down and saw the girl that I gave the silver coin to. She had a fierce mindless look in her eyes as she drove the knife slightly deeper in me as I’ve pushed back.

“Give me more of your coin you red devil!”

I stepped back with blood dripping out of my body onto the floor through my tank top. I ran over to where the briefcase was as she chased me. Then I heard a few male voices in the hallway.

“This is the place she told us about. I hear a noise.”

“Fuck. I’ve been compromised.”

I try to open the briefcase to get a gun or knife to take her out but decide to instead jump out of the window when the men started shooting at me. I needed to make it back to the inn. I needed help. I lost a significant amount of blood as I jumped out the window scraping my hand on the glass tearing the skin off of my arm. I landed on the glass and fell face forward on my arm. My hand shattered and felt my blood was everywhere on the street. I laid there, unable to move but still moved my feet as I tried to worm my way into a back alley. My vision, now blurry, started fading.

“The street rat can have whatever she finds at that place. The price of this red devil will set us up for lifetimes to come.”

My eyes closed shut.

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