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Icarus Metro, set in the year 2023, follows the story of the paladins after the events of "Juice: Paranormal Adventures". This story follows the heroes of the Icarus Metro City Area as they fight to take down a criminal syndicate planning to overrun the city with chaos. 

In this story, you get a chance to learn about each character and explore this world. 

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Long ago, an earthquake ravaged Kenya separating a small isle from the mainland. This isle, Aeonora, lays home to a special warrior clan called the Aeos Spirits. Their clan sends out different Aeos Spirits to each continent to protect and fight from the shadows. 


Five years ago, an Aeos Spirit had left the homeland on duty and went rogue. News of her name and dangerous demeanor spread across the land as she reaped death. This was by far the most humiliating thing to fall upon her family, the Crimsons. 


Now, the year is 2022 and her brother is finally an Aeos Spirit. Stationed in South America as its vagabond protector, he sets out to uncover the truth behind his sister’s actions and uncover any other sinister events along the way.



Juice: Paranormal Adventures is a coming of age story of a millennial young adult named Sarah Lee overcoming her fear of letting others down.  


In the year 2004, an organization named Cerberus, led by ill intentioned paranormals (or beings with powers) threatened to destroy the world by bridging the gap between earth and a dark world where dark beings thrive. Their plans were thwarted by a government led Paranormal agency called Cortex but even still, this “Event Zero” caused the world to face tragic loses. One loss includes that of Sarah’s father who sacrificed himself to protect people at the event.


The year is 2014, Sarah (18), now with awakened powers, faces the world and the many events set forth because of Cerberus. With the help of friends both powered and normal, she overcomes numerous trials, uncovers the secrets of paranormal powers, and challenges various gods if its needed to protect those she loves.

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Oni Hunter follows the life of professional basketball player, Jacob Bills, until he falls ill to an ancient deadly illness. Using his resources as a millionare, he seeks out a way to find a cure to his illness. Along the way he meets a psychic who tells him that the only way to delay the inevitable is to kill shapeshifting demons called “Oni” to absorb their life energy.

Let the training begin.

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